Do buyers needs their own legal representation?

In most countries is not only an accepted practise but a legal requirement that two attorneys are appointed for the completion of a property purchase. One acts for the seller and of course the other for the buyer. Each safeguarding their clients interests. Makes perfect sense! In South Africa only one attorney is appointed. Appointed by the seller to transact the sale and paid for by the buyer. Who looks after the buyers interests?

Would you really enter into an agreement to purchase, one with so much of your money, time and emotion invested into it without the support of an independent expert and a legal adviser?Are you a 100% sure that …

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Is an Estate Agent the best resource for a property buyer?

The role of the estate agent has always been one of conflict. They are paid and retained by the seller to get the best possible price and terms of sale on their behalf but spend most of their efforts focused towards the buyer. They only offer properties for sale that they have on the market and whilst there is a due diligence requirement towards the buyer, they must be seller focused. Learn how to balance the odds by appointing your own property expert, one who works only in yours (the buyers interest)
Is an Estate Agent the perfect resource for a buyer of Lake Michelle Property?

Will a purchaser of Lake Michelle Property get the very be…

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Lake Michelle Property Search with SAHomeBuyers

Using a Property Buyers consultant to assist you in your Lake Michelle Property Search can save you time, money and mistakes.

Gain an advantage with a more thorough search, a larger selection to choose from and a service that is unashamedly biased towards your (the buyers) needs.

Secure large discounts with our expert negotiators, have peace of mind with your own legal assistance and benefit from being in possession of all the facts.
The biggest investment of your money and family life deserves to have a thorough Lake Michelle property search.

Why carry out your Lake Michelle Property Search with SAHomeBuyers?

We are imparti…

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Lake Michelle Property Sale welcomes you

If you are searching for Lake Michelle Properties for Sale look no further than here!!

Using a buyers consultant to search and secure a Lake Michelle Property

Our buyer’s consultancy means that you benefit from:

  •  Having access to all Lake Michelle Properties for Sale, no matter who the selling agent is
  • Gaining an advantage by working with a vastly experienced property professional who is also a property owner on Lake Michelle. Our property buyer’s consultant, Marco Garuti, is a resident of Lake Michelle having purchased a plot and built a property on Lake Michelle in 2008.
  • Peace of mind in dealing with a buyers consultant who acts only on your behalf (the purchaser) and not that of the seller
  • Working with a real estate professional that not only accesses all Lake Michelle property for sale listed with a selling agent but also developer and private sales
  • Being presented only with Lake Michelle Properties for sale that meet your exact requirments, after a full analysis of your needs and any available properties from an unbiased and independent perspective
  • Paying the least possible price – as we are mandated by you, the buyer, our experienced negotiators work on your  behalf to find the ideal property, in the right location within Lake Michelle at the very best price, terms and conditions.

Our property buyer’s consultancy is ideally suited to those clients who seek a more discerning service. We have assisted countless foreigners, relocators and locals to secure their ideal Lake Michelle Property. We start by understanding fully your property needs by means of a comprehensive fact finding exercise, we can short list and preview any likely properties for sale and all property viewings are accompanied by us.

Our assistance does not stop there as our service continues until you have successfully taken ownership and moved into your new property on Lake Michelle.

Feel free to browse Lake Michelle Property Sale and learn more of how we  work. Make your next property purchase a succesful one with:

  • a more comprehensive and focused search for Lake Michelle Properties of sale
  • expert guidance thoughout
  • legal support with all offer to purchase agreements and title deeds
  • taking advantage of our enviable record of price negotiations

Or why not meet with Marco on site to learn more, view the estate see a sample of any Lake Michelle Properties for Sale.

Viewing Security Estates in Cape Town

Although we attempt to do justice to Lake Michelle, nothing substitutes an actual visit. With SAHomeBuyers and our status as an independent buyers consultant, you can be assured of a non biased, all encompassing and obligation free  service.

Simply email us here or phone our Lake Michelle Property Sale expert Marco Garuti on + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.

SAHomeBuyers saved us thousands of Rand. Marco was super helpful in sourcing the right property. Thank you SAHomeBuyers!

Tanja Mau, Kaiserslautern