Is an Estate Agent the best resource for a property buyer?

The role of the estate agent has always been one of conflict. They are paid and retained by the seller to get the best possible price and terms of sale on their behalf but spend most of their efforts focused towards the buyer. They only offer properties for sale that they have on the market and whilst there is a due diligence requirement towards the buyer, they must be seller focused. Learn how to balance the odds by appointing your own property expert, one who works only in yours (the buyers interest)

Is an Estate Agent the perfect resource for a buyer of Lake Michelle Property?

  • Will a purchaser of Lake Michelle Property get the very best assistance from a Real estate Agent?
  • Here’s the Reality: Real estate Agencies Serve the Seller’s Interests

Think about the following:

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  • Real estate Agencies are particularly proficient at selling. They are able to spot the merest bit of attraction for a property and exert pressure to convert that interest into a legally binding signed offer to purchase.
  • Real estate Agencies have no emotional investment in the deal and therefore they are well placed to negotiate on the sellers behalf. They fully understand how much information and facts they are lawfully required to disclose – and also just how much they are able to get away with by not disclosing.
  • Real estate Agencies are the property selling professionals; they understand the way to display a property in its finest light, and the way to obtain the most payment out of a buyer. It’s their job and most are good at it.

Does this sound like estate agents help buyers? Of course it doesn’t.

In fact view their websites and you will see many a boast to attract sellers to their services.

Sellers Employ Estate Agents

The function of the real estate agent is to sell property and find a buyer who will spend the highest possible price. Real estate agencies contend with one another, as a result almost all their web sites are brimming with details about why a seller ought to make use of them instead of another agent. But think about it,, exactly where in their web sites do they really inform you of why should you purchase via them?


  •  The function of Real estate Agencies is to work for sellers
  • The function of the real estate agent is to work for the seller, not for the buyer.

What is the alternative?

SA HomeBuyers - Cape Town property buyers consultantsSo if you wish to purchase a property, the real estate agent won’t help you. But a property buyers consultant will. Once you experience buying with a property consultants assistance, you will see exactly what a big difference they make to your buying experience. And this is what they do for you:

  •  Independence from sellers and agents, to with whom a buyers consultant has no allegiance
  • Sourcing all properties in the marketplace from all private sellers and real estate agencies
  • Personalised viewings
  • All the good together with unfavourable factors about properties disclosed to you
  • Fully qualified legal support with the offer to purchase and title deeds
  • Professional negotiation done on your behalf reference price and terms
  • After-sales assistance

Always remember that real estate agencies work to serve the interests of the seller. To secure all the advantages of using a property buyers consultant, contact us by email or phone.

Contact our local Lake Michelle Estate Property Consultant by e-mail here or telephone Marco Garuti on + 27 (0) 83 2658800.