Lake Michelle Property – making an offer

nowing how to decide on what price to offer on a Lake Michelle Property can save you hundreds of thousands of rands.

When buying a property of course price is one of the main considerations, no one likes to pay over the odds and of course we all seek a bargain or at the very least value for money.

As with any relatively new estate the value of property in Lake Michelle has yet to settle down into a consistent pattern. There remains: some speculator purchased plots where buyers were / are hoping for an investment return; some plots in the hands of developers and indeed some buyers who have maybe overstretched their budgets.

One thing can be said without hesitation: there are some very good, keenly priced (bargains?) to be had if you do your homework.

As a buyers consultant we do not leave our negotiation to luck or trying our hand, but base them on specific research and local knowledge.

Our local knowledge comes from our Lake Michelle Resident Buyer’s Consultant, Marco Garuti, as a seasoned real estate buyer’s consultant who has bought and developed on Lake Michelle.

As with all properties transactions, we act on behalf of a purchaser and we take account many factors in our research:

  • We have access to all sales of Lake Michelle Properties and the prices they sold for.
  • We are able to calculate building costs.
  • We are able to access information that shows us the original purchase price of the Lake Michelle Property.
  • We are able to ascertain the size of the bond (mortgage) levied against the property.
  • We structure the offer to the advantage of the buyer and not just the pre printed offer to purchase of the selling agent.

It’s attention to detail, especially the details not often volunteered, that make the difference between a successful house purchase and one tainted with disappointment. Using a buyers consultant means having someone on your side, an expert who is unashamedly biased in finding you the exact match to your needs at the best possible price.

Give our on site resident buyer consultant Marco Garuti a call today and see for yourself what benefits using a buyer’s consultant can mean for you.

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