Property in Lake Michelle

Property in Lake Michelle comes in all shapes and sizes, with even the most discerning of buyers being able to meet their needs.

Avaiable property in Lake Michelle

Lake Michelle Entrance

Lake MIchelle Noordhoek

  • Plots – There is still an opportunity to secure a plot and prices start from R 650,000 up to R1.5 million rand.
  • Plot and Plan – Developers who secured a number of plots are currently offering a plot and plan option commencing at around R2.5 million rand.
  • Town houses – Phase one does offer a small number of “lock up and go” town houses in the R1.5 million to R2 million rand price range.
  • Free-standing homes:
  • Phase one – R2 million rand to R5 million rand
  • Phase two – R3 million to R8 million (please note the odd property may be secured under the R3 million level.)

 The building style of property in Lake Michelle

Property in Lake Michelle has been developed in two distinct phases and therefore offers two distinct styles of properties for sale:

  • The first property in Lake Michelle was built some 12 years ago. It offers mainly one-storey housing and has an older architectural feel to it with large open green spaces and views out towards Chapman’s Peak.
  • The second phase of property in Lake Michelle to be built commenced about 3 years ago and the properties within this phase have a more ‘New Orleans’ feel to them with cladding and raised flower-beds. The second phase saw substantial investment into walkways, jetties, a boat- house, admin facilities and indigenous plants.

You can read more about the phases in Lake Michelle here

Pricing of Property in Lake Michelle

The older property in Lake Michelle starts off with smaller 2 bedroomed lock up and go units, they realise between ZAR1.2 and 1.6 million. A duplex will fetch a little more and maybe as much as 1.8 milllion for a superb example.

Freestanding property in this older side of Lake Michelle sees prices commence at around ZAR1.7 – 1.8 million for a 3 bedroom property, but if you seek the perfect lake front location expect to pay from ZAR3 million upwards.

The newer side of the Lake offers only freestanding properties. A 3 bedroom property will typically be ZAR2.5 million upwards (but there are the occasional bargains to be had). Larger properties will fetch in excess of ZAR3 million and the most expensive property in Lake Michelle (at time of going to press) was just over ZAR5 million.

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Next Step

At SAHomeBuyers we realise that buying a property is so much more than inspecting the bricks and mortar. That’s why we make sure our clients searching for houses for sale in Lake Michelle benefit from a service that includes all the vital information on the area, amenities and need-to-knows.

If you are looking for a service that makes sure you have all the knowledge to make the right decisions, and one that is unashamedly biased towards your needs, contact Marco Garuti by e-mail here or telephone him on + 27 (0) 83 2658800 fo the best service for Property in Lake Michelle.