Lake Michelle Noordhoek

Even when buying a property in an lifestyle estate environment it is important to consider the location of the plot or property within the estate. When viewing Lake Michelle Properties for sale the location of the plot or property is of an even more important factor in your decision-making process due to the period of time over which the estate was developed over and the resale/investment value.

Firstly Lake Michelle has been built in two distinct phases, separated by a decade of design changes and fashion.

Phases 1 – 4 commonly referred to as the ‘old’ or South Side was mainly built around 12 – 14 years ago and there is only one plot left undeveloped. Comprising of around 120 houses there is an open feel to the South side and lots of green open areas to enjoy. It is extremely common to see properties, being bought now, redeveloped, up sized and modernised. The properties are a very different style to that of the newer North side. The waterfront properties on the South are in an enviable location, with panoramic views over the Lake, Chapman’s Peak and the Fishhoek and Silvermine mountain ranges. Furthermore their orientation means very protected entertainment areas.

Phases 5 – 9, as you may assume often referred to as the ‘new’ or North side saw building commence around 4 years ago. Great emphasis was placed upon maximising views and lake frontage but of course some plots were better positioned than others. North side properties at Lake Michelle offer a more contemporary “New Orleans’ feel to them, with natural, coloured finishes and cladding. More care and regulations over architecture and horticulture have resulted in an environment at one with nature. The most sought after and resaleable (therefore the best investment wise) are the properties and plots in the smaller cul-de-sacs off the main drives with water front access and correct orientation or orientation options.

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At SAHomeBuyers we realise that buying a property is so much more than inspecting the bricks and mortar. That’s why we make sure our clients benefit from a service that includes all the vital information on the area, amenities and need-to-knows.

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